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Welcome to Brand Doctor

A one-hour, power-packed creative problem-solving session for $100.
It can make your company's brand storm!


Are you having trouble with your brand's direction?

Do you need help naming a product or creating a tagline?

Do you want to have power-packed insights from a global advertising and marketing specialist for a fraction of the cost?

This is your chance to utilize the skills of BRANDSTORM'S Brand Doctor, Phil Gayter. It's like Urgent Care for your marketing. 

With more than 30 years in the business, Phil has seen it all (and done it all too).

In one hour he will help your company's brand storm. 


We meet in person (or via Zoom) and collectively solve the creative and strategic problems you are having.

Some examples of what we can achieve in just one hour!

I created a name change that enabled a Chicago medical group to side-step a potential name issue that would

have devastated their business direction.

I helped a start-up recognize their core proposition by a quick brandstorm session to get to the core of their business.

I generated a video concept for a non-for-profit in a marketing meeting. I even wrote and story-board and rough TV commercial that led to a relaunch later that year.

Quote: "I can't believe what I just saw. You listened to the issues and then quickly developed a commercial that answered all our needs!" 


Assessment. What is the issue you, your marketing and branding are facing?

Brandstorming. A series of quick-fire tasks to eke out the ideas as they happen.

A next steps game plan.

Think about it, a one hour session could save you thousands on misdirected marketing. $100 could be the answer to your messaging. What do you have to lose!

We can then decide if anymore work is needed! 



Book Your
One Hour
Right Here!

492 Pleasant Avenue,

Highland Park.

IL. 60035

Thanks for reaching out to the brand doctor!
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